My learning journey running a Design Thinking workshop (Remotely)

The pandemic has forced us to think differently when it comes to working from home. Here’s my journey that could get you started while kicking it from home!

Illustration via Streamline Illustrations
Customer Problem Template

“I am a UX Designer working as a freelancer, and working for a startup. I’m trying to play my instrument in my free time so I can make the music I love, but I can’t practise enough, because it takes me a at least 40 hours a week to focus on my job, which makes me feel overwhelmed.”

The Workshop

How a winning team looks like - Illustration via Streamline Illustrations

A Design Thinking workshop teaches problem solving in action, giving the workshop participants an approach they can apply to almost any challenge in any area of their lives.

Introduction / check-in / food for thought



My journey to a Full Stack Designer

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